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Take a closer look at the St Augustine Campus. Campus Council 2012

For Release Upon Receipt - March 20, 2012

St. Augustine

On Tuesday March 27th 2012, this St Augustine Campus will host the annual Campus Council meeting. The Campus will welcome Chancellor, Sir George Alleyne, Vice Chancellor, Professor E. Nigel Harris; Council Chairman, Mr. Ewart Williams; Campus Principals, as well as all other appointed members of the council for the presentation of the 2010/2011 Annual Report.

Detailed reports from officers and committees on issues that are central to staff members’ advancement, such as implementation of the Strategic Plan, student statistics (on enrolment and graduate throughput), staffing issues and strategic initiatives of the past academic year are presented. The Campus Principal also presents his report.    


The Campus Councils were established on each Campus by Statute under the Charter, with the responsibility to preserve the regional character while giving greater autonomy to the Campuses to respond to national needs and those of the non-campus countries. A fundamental aspect of the accountability of The University of the West Indies is the annual meeting of the Campus Council, where Annual and Faculty Reports are presented.  This year the Campus Council meeting will take place on March 27th 2012 and will include the Chairman, Mr. Ewart Williams, the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor & Campus Principal, Pro-Vice Chancellor Planning & Development, Deputy Principal, Campus Bursar, Deans, Academic Board representatives and Guild representatives among other University Executive Management. The overarching theme of this year’s report is Take a closer look’ which brings to mind an opportunity to focus on our initiatives (both large and small) which are propelling the UWI into the future.