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A revamped First Year Experience for new UWI students

For Release Upon Receipt - August 8, 2012

St. Augustine

It’s that time of year again.  Fresh faces are entering The University of the West Indies (UWI) and the St Augustine Campus is welcoming them with a rebranded First Year Experience (FYE). FYE is the official annual student orientation programme of The UWI and one of the most anticipated series of events on the St. Augustine Campus calendar. It targets all incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students and will take place from August 13th, 2012, to March 14th, 2013.

Each year the University welcomes students to its Campus during the first weeks of the new semester. This year, for the first time, students will experience and participate in orientation activities spanning their entire first year at University, hence the title of the orientation programme: First Year Experience. FYE, themed “MY UWI L.I.F.E.” for 2012, defines L.I.F.E. as Learn, Imagine, Focus, Engage – the stages each UWI student transitions through during their time at the University. FYE therefore encompasses multiple events that will stretch throughout the students’ first year at UWI, affording them a richer orientation experience. Each event demonstrates L.I.F.E. as a step by step process which will help students pass through all aspects of their university lives successfully. The revamped orientation programme is a comprehensive yet innovative way to introduce all of The UWI’s new students to the ins and outs of Campus life and help them to move smoothly into life at UWI.

The schedule of events for UWI’s First Year Experience 2012 is as follows:

  1. Meet & Greet
  2. (Airport greeting for all non-nationals both regional/international)
  3. 13th-24th August 


  1. Campus Tours
  2. (Faculty tours for all new first-year students)
  3. 20th-30th August 


  1. Check-In
  2. (Orientation event for all non-nationals both regional/international)
  3. 25th-26th August 


  1. Welcome Home
  2. (Halls of Residence orientation events)
  3. 27th-29th August & 13th & 15th September 


  1. Know Your Faculty
  2. (Faculty orientation events)
  3. 27th-29th August & 3rd-8th September


  1. UWI Life
  2. (UWI Administration orientation events)
  3. UWI Life Support: 29th August
  4. UWI Life Student & Information Village: 30th August
  5. UWI Life Prime: 1st September


  1. Know Your Library
  2. (Library orientation events)
  3. International Relations: 3rd September
  4. Medical Sciences Library: 3rd-7th September
  5. Alma Jordan Library: 3rd-15th September


  1. UWI Guild Fest
  2. (The Guild of Students orientation events)
  3. 3rd-8th September


  1. Health & Well-Being
  2. (Health Services Unit orientation workshops)
  3. Throughout Semester I  


  1. UWI Clicks                                                   
  2. (Introduction to the UWI student portal)
  3. 12th, 14th &15th September & Semester II


  1. The Postgraduate Experience                                      
  2. (Postgraduate workshops)
  3. 19th September & 10th October


  1. Study Skills
  2. (Workshops on developing practical study habits)                                                   
  3. 20th September, 22nd November & Semester II
  1. Career Seminars                                                      
  2. (A step by step guide to career planning and development)
  3. 27th September, 4th, 11th & 18th October
  1. Orientation for exchange students                          
  2. (Welcome for incoming exchange/study abroad students)
  3. 21st January, 2013
  1. Service Learning Seminar                                       
  2. (Introduction to opportunities for community engagement)
  3. 14th March, 2013


  1. Co-curricular Seminar
  2. (Introduction to co-curricular programmes)
  3. Semester 2

For further information on UWI’s FYE 2012, please contact Student Advisory Services, at (868) 662-2002 Exts 82338, 84189, 82097 or 82100.


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Over the last six decades, The University of the West Indies (UWI) has evolved from a fledgling college in Jamaica with 33 students to a full-fledged University with over 40,000 students. Today, UWI is the largest and most longstanding higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean, with main campuses in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and Centres in Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Christopher (St Kitts) & Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent & the Grenadines. UWI recently launched its Open Campus, a virtual campus with over 50 physical site locations across the region, serving over 20 countries in the English-speaking Caribbean. UWI is an international university with faculty and students from over 40 countries and collaborative links with over 60 universities around the world. Through its seven Faculties, UWI offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree options in Engineering, Humanities & Education, Law, Medical Sciences, Pure & Applied Sciences, Science and Agriculture, and Social Sciences.(Please note that the registered name of the university is The University of the West Indies, inclusive of the “The”, hence The UWI.)



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