Patent Cooperation Treaty

If you are seeking to patent your invention in many countries, it is recommended that you use the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) approach.

The PCT allows you to file a single international application to seek patent protection for an invention in a large number of countries simultaneously. For those seeking broad protection in their target markets this treaty provides several benefits:

  • Evaluation of chances of being granted a patent before incurring major costs with an International Search Report which contains a list of relevant prior art documents.
  • Option of receiving an International Preliminary Examination Report where an examination is done, much as it would be for a direct application, and an opinion is given as to whether or not it meets the examining criteria.
  • Options can be kept open for a longer time during which, markets, conditions and agents can be sought.

The PCT makes it easier to file for patents in different countries simultaneously since there is no one ‘world patent’.   National applications are still required after the PCT process.

For more information on the PCT please visit the PCT page on the WIPO website: