Research Information Management System


About RIMS

RIMS (Research Information Management System) is a central point for all researchers at the St. Augustine Campus.   RIMS is not a database; rather it is a live ICT tool that is dynamic and interactive, and provides critical support to campus researchers and relevant research information to the wider public. 


Major Goals of RIMS

  • to bridge the gap between and among the researchers and their areas of interest
  • to promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research
  • to provide research staff with the tools for managing their research
  • to support activities to increase grant funding
  • to contribute to research development at the campus in a substantial manner
  • to provide critical support to research staff in areas including guidance and support with regard to advice on Patents, Non-Disclosure Agreements, MOU’s and MOA’s.
  • to provide support to Faculty for the generation of business plans that will seek to move research ideas and outputs to commercially viable products
  • to inform the private and public sectors about the expertise and ongoing research on the campus
  • to build research partnerships

Specifically, each researcher is given his / her own profile and can login to:

  • enter and update personal research information,
  • find information on current research activities across the campus
  • access internal funding sources
  • access application forms for internal and external grant funding
  • request support for proposal development including budgeting
  • request training on any aspect of proposal development



Who uses RIMS?

Researchers on the St. Augustine Campus are the main users of this system. Their data comprise the system. Senior management will use this system to make informed decisions about current research being undertaken at the campus.  The Office of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer (ORDKT) will provide research and funding information to faculty and generally support researchers in the preparation of research proposals, and in the management and implementation of research projects. External users will use the system to seek expertise through the ORDKT and to forge partnerships and alliances.





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  Research Information Management System 

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