What happens after you submit the Invention Disclosure Form?

The Invention is assessed for patentability and for commercial potential by a University Committee.  If the University decides to proceed with a patent application, you will be asked to assign your invention to the University.  At the same time, an agreement will be reached with you in respect of the share of royalties to which you are entitled. The UWI Intellectual Property Policy provides the following breakdown:


% of Net Income



Originating Department or Institute


Originating Campus


UWI or its assignee



A major goal is to bring the U.W.I’s inventions to the marketplace.  The University meets the cost of filing the patent applications.  The U.W.I has an arrangement with a U.S patent law firm which now drafts patent applications for the university and provides advice on a  pro bono basis.  The US law firm also assists with filing the patent applications, but the UWI must reimburse this cost. It can take up four or five years for a patent application to be assessed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.