Frequently Asked Questions

What is an active student?

An active student is currently registered for taught courses or the research paper/project report/thesis and is financially cleared for the semester. A student on leave of absence is not currently an active student.

What is a leave of absence?

A candidate may apply for leave of absence from a programme for reasons including academic, medical, personal, work related reasons or the absence of courses to register for. The candidate’s registration will be suspended during leave of absence but will be expected to register following the end of the leave of absence. Download the application for leave of absence form.

Why is it important to register and be financially cleared?

...students who have failed to register by the...applicable deadlines, and those candidates shall be deemed to have withdrawn.

Why apply for an extension of the deadline for submission of my taught Master’s Research Paper/Project Report, or MPhil/PhD Thesis?

Regulation 60, Section 1, Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees:
Where a candidate does not meet the final deadline for submission of any requirement for a graduate diploma or degree (see Regulations 58-59), that candidate’s registration and the right to re-registration expire at the end of the academic year during which the final deadline occurs. Such candidates are deemed to have been required to withdraw.

Download Application for Extension of Time for Research Papers/Projects/Theses