Continuous Improvement

Institutional data from diverse sources including student course evaluations; enterprise databases; student, graduate and staff satisfaction surveys; campus and university committee reports; management reports; special focus group studies; process and outcomes benchmarking studies; impact analyses and unit mystery shopping exercises are analyzed during unit assessment processes.


The result is the production of improvement action plans from Q.A.U.-led academic quality assurance reviews and evaluations as well as I.E.U.-led quality management audits and service excellence reviews. Improvement action plans document the processes and outcomes that need to be improved, specifying how they would be done by each unit.


These improvement action plans, and their corresponding progress reports, are managed and distilled across the institution. They form the basis of organizational transformational change, inform The UWI’s Strategic Plan’s progress and are usually reported during institutional accreditation evaluations.


Institutional Effectiveness Unit advocates for and administratively supports continuous improvement across the Campus by managing a database of continuous improvement action plans and progress. This is done to fulfill The UWI’s mission, its Strategic Plan objectives and institutional accreditation commitments.