Operational Processes


Operational Process Improvement

While non-academic operations are preparing their self-assessment for service excellence review, they assess their key processes and undertake to map them. This mapping exercise leads to minor changes to operational processes such as clarification of the way work is performed and the automation of workflows. This activity ensures that the unit is refining how it delivers its services to its customers to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Operational Process Reengineering

Having successfully improved its operational processes, both academic and non-academic operations may identify thematic organization-wide processes which need to be reviewed and reformed. This review entails thorough analysis of key mapped processes and the reorganization of value chains and workflows across multiple departments and units. This exercise leads to major/substantive changes to operational processes with the ultimate result of realigning the organization as a whole for greater levels of productivity.


Institutional Effectiveness Unit supports the improvement and re-engineering of non-academic units' core operational processes by facilitating analysis of value-added work-flow mapping, process change, automation and reorganization to deliver enhanced customer services. Presently there is a pilot project that is being managed by I.E.U. and Campus I.T. Services to support process improvement using our model.


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