UWI St. Augustine Quality Management System

At the St. Augustine Campus, quality management embraces two complementary systems, one at The UWI Centre and one on the Campus. Benchmarking with ISO-9001:2008 and Malcolm Baldridge Performance Excellence Framework, 19 quality standards have been devised as part of a Campus-based non-academic Quality Management System (QMS). Our focus on Continuous Quality Improvement adopts Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. Four main processes are evaluated in non-academic operations. These are:


                      Quality Management at UWI St. Augustine

Non-academic divisions, which have multiple subsidiary units and multi-stakeholder impact on The UWI community, undertake a self-assessment of their processes and report on their effectiveness.


Institutional Effectiveness Unit checks the effectiveness of the QMS by scheduling quality management audits every three years. A trained quality audit team (comprising internal and external quality auditors) assesses the rigor of the QMS and recommends improvement action plans.


A similar system exists for academic programmes. View the QAU’s website at: http://www.uwi.edu/qau/index.php