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The Campus Principal is the Campus Quality Sponsor who advocates for and upholds the principles espoused in the Campus Quality Policy and is the Chairman of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee which monitors campus quality and accreditation progress. The Campus Principal has executive oversight of and provides support to the Institutional Effectiveness Team.

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The Deputy Principal is the Quality Advocate for academic quality assurance at UWI-STA. The Deputy Principal oversees academic quality planning, curriculum assurance and teaching and learning enhancement. She is the Deputy Chairman of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. The Deputy Principal provides strategic advice to the Institutional Effectiveness Team on issues affecting student services and academic quality.

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The Institutional Effectiveness Unit Team consists of three full-time professionals, 4 temporary project professionals, 2 student assistants and 129 trained service excellence/quality leaders:



IEU Team

                                                               The Leadership Team

The IEU Leadership Team

Dr Eduardo Ali                  -             Programme Manager-Institutional Effectiveness

Mr. Kristen Cockburn       -             Project Coordinator: Process Improvement Team

Mr. Wayne Rock               -             Team Lead-Service Excellence Assessment


The IEU Support Teams

Mrs. Reanna Narinesingh   -             Operational Process Analyst

TBD                                    -             Operational Process Reengineering Analyst

TBD                                    -             Assistant, Client Product Enhancement

TBD                                    -             Assistant, Accreditation and Client Relations


About the Programme Manager-Institutional Effectiveness:

The Programme Manager is responsible for directing and managing an organisational capacity building programme for institutional excellence that involves business process improvement and reengineering, service excellence, continuous improvement and institutional accreditation.

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About the Project Coordinator - Process Improvement Team:

The Project Coordinator - Process Improvement Team is responsible for the administration of continuous improvement strategies for non-academic operations on the campus.

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About The Team Lead- Service Excellence Assessment:

The Team Lead: Service Excellence Assessment is responsible for leading Quality Leadership Teams in the development and administration of annual service excellence reviews.

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Quality Leaders are trained advocates and champions for quality management or service excellence in non-academic units at The UWI-STA. Quality leaders represent different unit categories:

  1. Student service units such as the Halls of Residence, Health Services and Academic Disabilities
  2. Business service units such as Institutional Advancement, Research and Estate Police
  3. Academic service units such as Faculty offices