Campus Research Ethics Committee

As of September 2018 - all applicants must complete the CITI Ethics Course and submit the completion certificate along with their applications. See document "Online Ethics Training (free) - CITI Program” below for more information.




Deadline February 7 2019.


All responses for February applications will be returned by 02 March 2019


The Campus Research Ethics Committee has been relocated to the School for Graduate Studies and Research. The application process for approval is paperless. Please read the instructions below to fill out an application.


The application process:
Complete Application and Consent Forms that appear below using Adobe Reader only and email with Consent Form and data collection instrument to .


To ensure that the document only opens in Adobe you will have to reset your file association. This will depend on your operating system, so please follow the following steps:


1. On Windows 7, click on the Start button and select “Default Programs”. Select “Associate a file type or protocol with a program” then scroll down and select “ .pdf”. Click the “Change Program” button and change default to Adobe Reader. This will allow all documents prepared in Adobe to be opened only in Adobe.


2. Adobe allows you to affix either a digital signature or electronic signature – both are accepted. Before you sign, Adobe will ask you to make a copy of the document as the original is protected and can only be altered by the creator.


Click here to read more on how to affix a digital signature.


To assist us in expediting your application:

- Ensure you fill out all fields of the Application and Consent Forms. Please insert “Not Applicable” were relevant. Do not leave fields blank.


- Submit form in pdf fillable file format - i.e. the format of the downloaded forms. Do not convert to regular pdf or send in scans of the forms.


- When submitting a revised application please respond to the email you were sent with the reference number or ensure you quote the application reference number in the subject line of your email.


Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates 2018/2019


For urgent queries, you may contact us at 662-2002 ext 82755