Research Funding by the Office of Graduate Studies & Research

The purpose of the Research and Publications Fund is to provide financial assistance for members of staff and graduate students to enable them to:

  • pursue their research adequately and
  • communicate and publish the results of their research


The Fund is used to assist as many members of staff and students as much as possible to carry out research without undue personal hardship or without putting an excessive burden on the budgets of the Departments.


Information on accessing grants

What is the maximum I can apply for?
Please see the link for the Call for Applications for Research Funding for Academic Staff or Students


In what area/category can I receive funding?
Please see the link for the Call for Applications for Research Funding for Academic Staff or Students


Please see the link for the Call for Applications for Research Funding for Academic Staff or Students


How to Apply
Please see the relevant Call for Applications in the right sidebar.


When to Apply
The deadline dates for the submission of applications are normally September 30 and February 28 or a date specified by the Chair and will be indicated on the Call for Applications.  The meeting to consider the applications will be held approximately
three (3) weeks after closing deadline.  Staff and students will be notified subsequently.


Notifications of the Call for Applications
The Campus Community is notified about the Call for Applications via the Campus E-News, Advertisements are sent to All Academic Members of Staff, Heads of Departments, Deans of Faculties and posted on the University Notice Boards. Students are informed by the Marketing and Communications Office via their student university email addresss.


On what basis will a grant be approved?
Research grants are awarded to Departments/Faculties only for research projects that involve research (M.Phil. / Ph.D.) students and the funding is normally restricted to capital items.  In establishing priorities for a research grant, the Campus Research and Publication Fund Committee are guided by the following considerations:
(i)The urgency of the programme/projects
(ii)The contribution it is likely to make to the Caribbean region
(iii)The likely effect on the further development of graduate studies
(iv) Manpower needs within and outside of the University.


Submission of Report for Grants for Staff and Students
Please refer to the respective Call for Applications as well as the link for the reporting form for either Academic Members of Staff or Students.



Who can I contact for Guidance prior to the submission of an application for staff and students?
Kindly contact the Deputy Dean of your relevant Faculty or Member, Campus Research and Publication to discuss your application before forwarding for consideration to the Graduate Studies office.  Please refer to the attached Call for Applications for these persons.


To whom should final applications be submitted?
You are urged to submit your full application by e-mail to and also to forward a duly signed hard copy to the Senior Assistant Registrar, School for Graduate Studies and Research at the New Student Administration Building by the specified deadlines.