Postgraduate Programmes - MPhil/PhD Degree


  1. Social Policy;
  2. Governance;
  3. Economic Development Policy.

The Institute focuses on issues relevant to small developing countries operating within a dynamic international environment.


Objectives of the Programmes

The MPhil and PhD degree programmes are research oriented and normally requires the candidate: 

  • To show satisfactory knowledge of the background of the subject;
  • To write clearly and in a logical and ordered fashion;
  • To use appropriate research methods and techniques competently;
  • To display an ability to analyze critically and evaluate independently the relevant literature and related material;
  • To make an advance in knowledge of the subject.

The PhD degree programme requires the candidate:

  •  To achieve the same objectives as specified in the M.Phil. degree programme;
  • To make a significant original contribution to knowledge;
  • To produce a thesis which is worthy of publication.