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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

The small research staff of ISER have generated and executed an impressive number of projects covering wide areas of social concern. Among the more important that were undertaken during the Harewood-Abdulah era (1970-1986) were the following:

  • Family Planning and Fertility Among Women in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Family Planning and Fertility Among Men in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Labour Force in the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Labour Force Surveys in Guyana
  • The Availability and Utilization of skills in Guyana
  • Education and Fertility: The Case of Guyana
  • Female Labour Force Participation and Fertility in Three Caribbean Countries
  • Contraceptive Use and Fertility in Three Caribbean Countries
  • Demographic Analyses of 1980 Census Data in the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Selection, Change and Discontinuation of Contraceptive Methods
  • Mating Patterns, Fertility and Ethnicity
  • Income Inequality and Poverty in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Unions and Partnerships in Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago
  • National Resources of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Manuals on Methods of Analyzing Population Census Results
  • Evaluation of the Demographic Statistics of the Non-Spanish-Speaking Caribbean
  • Education and Manpower Statistics in the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Problems of Concept, Definition and Measurement in the Study of Unemployment
  • The Magnitude and Nature of Unemployment in the Caribbean
  • Population Policies in the Caribbean
  • Implication For the Expansion CARICOM
  • Inflation in Jamaica
  • The Labour Absorptive Capacity of Caribbean Economies
  • Vocational Training and Educational Achievement in the English-speaking Caribbean
  • Income Distribution in Jamaica and National Income of Trinidad and Tobago: A Comparison
  • Survey of Student Housing on Campus
  • Patterns of Regional Settlement and Economic Activity in Trinidad 1851 - 1900
  • Output and Employment in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Impact of Indian Immigrants on Colonial Trinidad
  • Migration and Settlement of British West Indian in Trinidad 1870 -1950
  • Fertility in the Caribbean
  • Historical Aspects of Labour Supply in the Caribbean
  • Female Labour Force Participation in Trinidad and Tobago
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