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Applied Social Statistics for Decision Making - Level 1


  • To explore the nature and scope of statistics and introduce participants to elementary statistical concepts, data entry software (IMPS-Century and PC-edit) and their importance in the organization, management and manipulation of data-bases using data from surveys, censuses and archival sources.

  • The importance of data entry and statistical software in applied statistics settings and to enhance participants capacity to manipulate such tools in their attempts to analyze data pertaining to applied social phenomena.

  • To highlight different methods and processes of the collection of statistical information, develop computational, analytical and interpretive skills as they apply to inferential statistics and to demonstrate different methods of presenting and interpreting data in tabular graphic formats

Target Group

Professionals, public sector employees, private sector workers and non governmental organisations, communities who work or have interests in working in applied settings that address a variety of social concerns and problems.


January/February, 2000 - 6 weeks

Lead Facilitator

Dr Godfrey St. Bernard

Topics Covered

  • The Nature and Scope of Statistics Database Development, Management and Manipulation
  • Introduction to Data Entry and Statistical Soft (SPSS/IMPS)
  • Presenting Statistical Information
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  • Bivariate Cross-Tabulations and Measures of Associations
  • Bivariate Regression and Correlation Analysis
  • The Elaboration Process
  • The Normal Distribution
  • Sampling Theory
  • Point and Interval Estimations
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

Course Fee

TT$6,500 per participant.