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Behind the Bridge - Poverty Politics and Patronage in Laventille, Trinidad


Selwyn Ryan , Godfrey St Bernard , Roy McCree


This book attempts to go beyond the stereotypes of Laventille to obtain answers to questions that have been frequently asked about that community. It seeks to determine whether the people of Laventille have a particular mentality which is responsible for the social pathologies - juvenile delinquency, early pregnancy, crime, dependence on project work - which are said to characterise it, or whether they are victims of history, society, or a culture of poverty and oppression. The essays in the book also focus on some of the institutions and mechanisms on which residents of Laventille rely to come to grips with dispossession - the family, the churches, the schools, gangs, the steelband movement, the police, political parties, NGOs, and unemployment relief agencies - in order to determine whether they help to foster community integration and development or otherwise. The study also attempts to locate the problems of Laventille in the wider context of discussions about poverty, its causes, and prospects for alleviation in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, and the inner cities of North America.




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