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Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean -Culture, Structure, Conjuncture


Selwyn Ryan , Taimoon Stewart (Editors)


The studies in this book describe and seek to explain the emergence of economic entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. The experiences of the various ethnic groups in the region - the European, the Chinese, the Syrian-Lebanese, the Madeiran-Portuguese, and the Afro- and Indo -Caribbean peoples - are traced from the mid-nineteenth century to the present in an attempt to decern what factors and characteristics determined their present economic status in Caribbean societies.

The role of the Caribbean in the international division of labour, the role of the state, and patterns of social stratification all defined the opportunity structure for these various groups, while cultural resources shaped the form of their intervention in the economy and the out come of their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The studies also show that the outer parameters of the varying economic opportunities were defined by conjunctural changes in the global economy. Current global restructuring is re-defining the production structure in the Caribbean. Outmoded forms of production and distribution are also being replaced, a process that will involve a weeding out of some established entrepreneurs and the emergence of new ones. The challenge which faces us is to understand the meaning of these changes in order to anticipate the outcome and change them through informed intervention.




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