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Pathways to Power -Indians and the Politics of National Unity in Trinidad & Tobago


Selwyn Ryan


This book attempts to identify some of the paths that were taken by the descendants of Indians who came to Trinidad and Tobago in 1845 and thereafter, as they sought TO come to terms with the challenges of their new environment. In particular; it examines the varied political and social strategies which they used over time to empower themselves, and the reactions which those strategies provoked within the host society.

The essays which form the core of the book were written over several years. Most of them deal with the efforts on the part of Indo-Trinidadian elites to gain an effective share of political power, including the capturing of the prized post of Prime Minister. Focussing as it does on the concerns of the Indo-Trinidadian community, the book is in a sense, a companion volume to Race and Nationalism which was written in 1972 and which focussed largely on the nationalist preoccupation's of the Afro-Trinidadian community.

The book also reproduces a number of my Sunday Express columns which directly address the issue of Indians and the politics of national unity in the nineties. These are included as annexes which are to be read as companion pieces to the chapters to which they relate. Also included is the speech made by Basdeo Panday in October 1988 at the rally which marked the formal launch of the United National Congress. It was included not only because it serves as an important milestone in the struggle of Indo-Trinidadians for a meaningful place in the political sun, but also because it provides useful summary of Mr. Panday's political career, at least as he sees it, and on important backdrop against which his performance in the office of Prime Minister could be evaluated.




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