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Revolution and Reaction - Parties and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago 1970 - 1981


Selwyn Ryan


Revolution and Reaction is the second of a three part work which deals with party politics and political behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago during the 70 years which followed which followed the ending of the first World War in 1919.

The first volume, Race and Nationalism in Trinidad and Tobago, (University of Toronto Press) appeared in 1971, and dealt mainly with the period 1919 to 1971. This volume deals with the period beginning 1970, a year which witnessed the dramatic eruption of the "Black Power Revolution". It ends with the elections in 1981 in which George Chambers led the PNM to victory for the sixth successive time, much to the consternation of those who felt that the elections of 1981 would witness the fulfillment of the hopes of the masses who had raised angry fists in 1970 and called for "power to the people". It was also a period in which the country went from near bankruptcy to an economic boom fuelled by the dramatic oil price increase engineered by OPEC. They also witnessed the emergence of a movement which sought to wrest power from the seemingly entrenched PMN by the use of "guerrilla tactics" the repression of that movement and the neutralisation of others associated with radical labour elements.

Many of the political developments which took place in 1986 and later - the emergence of the National Alliance for Reconstruction , the United National Congress, The Congress Labour Solidarity and the Movement for Social Transformation - have their antecedents in this seminal period. Indeed, one can better understand the politics which led to the collapse of the NAR after reading this volume.




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