Past Projects 1987-1998 | 1970-1986

Past Projects 1987-1998

In 1987, Dr. Selwyn Ryan assumed the role as Director of the Institute. Under his leadership the focus of the Institute's research changed somewhat. While retaining the Institute's original concern with studies of the demography of the Caribbean, greater emphasis was placed on the ethnicity and political behavior, ethnicity and entrepreneurship, religion and radicalism, Caribbean policy making and public administration, the family and society, youth, social mobility, social stratification , adult literacy, trade and the environment, intellectual property rights, competition law, privatization and contract negotiation.

Some of the major projects undertaken during the 1987 - 1998 period were as follows:

  • The Sociology of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean
  • An Empirical Examination of Competition Issues in Selected CARICOM Countries: Towards Policy Formulation
  • Black Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean
  • Black Female Entrepreneurs
  • Commercial Banking and the Mortality of Black Business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Portuguese Business Experience in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Syrian Labanese in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Social and Occupational Stratification in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Independence Experience: A Retrospective
  • The Black Power Revolt of 1970: A Retrospective
  • Indigenous Banking in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Muslimeen Revolt in 1990:
  • Poverty, Politics and Patronage in Laventille
  • Hugh Wooding Biography Project
  • Race, Class and Gender in the Caribbean
  • Ethnic Minorities in Caribbean Society
  • Youth and Social Forces in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Social Mobility in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Adult Literacy in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Family and Society in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Multiculturalism in the Caribbean
  • Trade and the Environment
  • Trade and the Intellectual Property Rights
  • Competition Law and the Single Market in CARICOM
  • Human Development Report for Trinidad and Tobago 1996. UNDP
  • Youth and Racism in Contemporary Trinidad Society
  • Ethnicity and Involvement in National Festivals in Trinidad and Tobago
  • State Lands Development Project
  • Considerations on Indian Sexuality
  • Small Business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Caribbean Labour Markets
  • Political Transitions in the Caribbean
  • Size and Good Governance in the Caribbean
  • The Role of the State in the Caribbean
  • Voting Behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Relationship Between Trinidad and Tobago
  • Privatisation: The Trinidad and Tobago Experience