Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

MPhil and PhD applicants to the Postgraduate Program in Cultural Studies, UWI St. Augustine

The research proposal is an important component of your application to the MPhil or PhD program in Cultural Studies. It allows the selection committee to assess your preparedness for graduate studies and consider the availability of suitable supervisors and assessors for your project. It is understood that this proposal is an initial one and will be revised and expanded during the first year of coursework.

Suggested length of research proposal:

MPhil in Cultural Studies: 1000--1500 words
PhD in Cultural Studies: 1500--2000 words

Your research proposal should include the following:

  1. Introduction

    In the introduction to your research proposal you can present your research topic and justify the significance of your project. You should also introduce your main research questions.

  2. Preliminary review of literature

    At this initial stage, the literature review can be quite selective. The selection committee would like to see that you have begun to familiarize yourself with relevant literature and that you are able to locate academically sound sources. It would be good to show how your research questions relate to already existing literature in the field in question.

  3. Proposed research methods

    How are you going to acquire your research material? Do you have any preliminary plans for analyzing your data within a particular theoretical framework?

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