Recent Conferences

Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom Testimonial Conference in Honour of Lloyd Best




Evaluation of the various contributions made by Prof. Lloyd Best to the intellectual development of the Caribbean.

Target Group

Academics, Public and Private Sector Professionals


The Learning Resource Centre, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Lead Facilitators

Prof. Selwyn Ryan



Ethnicity and Independent Thought: Lloyd Best and Indo-Caribbean Philosophy

Paget Henry

Employment Creating Growth, Income Distribution and the Capacity to Import Constraint: Themes and Contributions of Lloyd Best to Caribbean Modelling

Vanus James

From Las Casas to New World Group: A Genealogy of Caribbean Radicalism

Anthony Bogues

Lloyd Best and Caribbean Radicalism: Epistemological Challenges

Rupert Lewis

Reflections on Radical Political Economy in the English-speaking Caribbean 25 Years After Best’s “Thought and Freedom”

Mark Figueroa

Lloyd Best, Gramsci’s War of Position and the Road not Taken in 1970

Brian Meeks

Reflections of a “White” Trinidadian

Ivan Lauglin

Radicalism in Caribbean Transformation

Neville C. Duncan

Linkages in the Small Island Economy of Trinidad and Tobago: Evaluating the Relevance of the Best-Levitt Plantation

Shelton Nicholas &
Earl Boodoo

Inheritances of “Plantation America”: The Temporary International Relations of Caribbean States

Vaughn A. Lewis
Lloyd Best and the Plantation Model: Recollections and Afterthoughts Sir Courtney N. Blackman