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Graduate Students

List of names and project titles

Current students

• Ms. Anushka Ramjag (PhD Molecular Genetics): “Protective B-cell responses in Chikungunya and Zika virus infections”

• Dr. Teola Noel (MPhil Veterinary Microbiology) : “Determination of the efficacy of a local canine vaccine and production for use to prevent leptospirosis in dogs in Trinidad.”

• Mr. Virmal Arjoonsingh (MPhil Veterinary Microbiology): “Determination of the efficacy of a local canine vaccine and production for use to prevent leptospirosis in dogs in Trinidad.”

• Ms. Arianne Brown Jordan (PhD candidate Veterinary Microbiology): "Identification of the high-impact avian viruses within Trinidad and Tobago”.

• Mr. Jamie Sookhoo (M.Phil Veterinary Microbiology): "Identification and characterization of viruses that affect swine populations in Trinidad and Tobago."

• Mrs. Emilie Rmsahai (PhD Statistics)

• Mrs. Tamiko Brown-Joseph (Phd Molecular Genetics): "Identification of the Culicoides midge species in Trinidad and surrounding regions and determination of their spatiotemporal distribution and impact as vectors of arboviruses in both livestock and humans".

• Mr. Virmal Arjoonsingh (MPhil Veterinary Public Health) "Determination of the efficacy of killed local whole cell vaccine against clinical and renal carriage in dogs and production for use to prevent leptospirosis in dogs in Trinidad".

• Ms. Nikita Sahadeo (PhD Molecular Genetics): "Incidence, spatio-temporal distribution and phylodynamics of dengue virus infections in patients presenting with acute undifferentiated febrile illnesses.”

• Dr. Janine Seetahal (PhD Molecular Genetics): “Comparative molecular genetic and phylogeographic analysis of Trinidad and mainland bat populations and their viruses: An investigation into the role of mainland-island bat movement in the dissemination of rabies and other viruses”.

• Dr. Nitu Kumar (PhD Veterinary Microbiology): "Molecular analysis of salmonella enterica strains carried by poultry entering the food chain in Trinidad"


Past students

• Ms. Orchid Allicock (PhD Molecular Genetics): "Evolution, population dynamics and phylogeography of Dengue viruses in the Americas".

Mr. Albert Jonathan Auguste (Ph.D. Molecular Genetics 2011): “Genetic diversity, evolutionary and spatio-temporal dynamics of sylvatic mosquito-borne viruses in Trinidad and the Americas”.

Ms. Janine Seetahal (MPH 2011): “Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Trinidad and characteristics of the 2010 epizootic”.

Dr. Nadin Thompson (M. Phil. Veterinary Public Health 2010): "Seroepidemiology of selected zoonotic arboviral infections in horses, domestic animals and wildlife in Trinidad and Tobago"

Dr. Sharianne Suepaul (Ph.D. Veterinary Public Health 2010): "An epidemiological investigation leptospirosis in dogs, wildlife and livestock in Trinidad"


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