December 2018

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From the Vice-Chancellor: Excellent and Ethical

The UWI, says the “Times Higher Education,” is among the finest universities in the world. It is a celebrated part of that narrow band of elite universities that does not seek to be politically elitist but demographically accessible. All citizens are encouraged to feel a part of the enterprise. The recent surge in the regional and global recognition of its reputation as an institution committed to inspiring people of the Caribbean and beyond, rises from its relentless provision of the evidentiary basis of the claim. And for ten years UWI TODAY has been a primary vehicle on which critical assessments of output have travelled from Faculty floors through domestic doors in Trinidad and Tobago, the region, and the wider world.

It has been a site where the science of content-sifting has been perfected by brilliant and bold editing. UWI TODAY has achieved an enviable reputation for its high quality. As a forum it is as UWI as the pelican that binds us all as a family in flight. Designed to discover the diversity of discourses within the academy, and to share with society, it has been highly successful as a source of knowledge about the intellectual and academic communities within the region.

Success did not rain from the sky. It represents at once a tribute to the conceptual and technical expertise and leadership of editor, Vaneisa Baksh, especially, and the commitment of colleagues determined to share their creativity. With the turning of every page the reader feels the passion to assure communities that the team cares and represents a reliable and dedicated force for good.

A bridge has been built that spans the spaces between the academe and the citizen. It’s an arc that bends in the direction of a need for greater communication with the communities that The UWI serves. The mantra is meaningful; those who have research access to information, and possess the tools of knowledge creation, must share findings with our funders: the public. The evidence found in each edition is a piece of the process that informs its intention. UWI TODAY, therefore, can best be read as a thousand testimonies told over ten years with pure passion.

Excellence and ethics must be sustained. Only the guidance of corresponding values and virtues in its choices will assure the integrity of its pedagogy and fan the flame to achieve even greater Faculty productivity. Being disruptive and innovative is an internal ideology that speaks to the politics and policy of academic leadership.

The fevers that promote academic fertility do not always warm the hearts of management, but they do provide valuable content for the paper on an ongoing basis. Contention with content has therefore been a good thing. For these and many other related reasons it is my pleasure and honour to celebrate the ten-year journey of UWI TODAY, and to give thanks to the St. Augustine Campus for its empowerment of the regional enterprise that is The UWI.

Hilary Beckles


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Director of Marketing and Communications (Ag): Mrs Wynell Gregorio
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