Campus News

Green Therapy

By Josette Deosaran

Students Sai Sonali Anmolsingh (left) and Ashley Khan plant a seagrape tree (Coccoloba uvifera) with assistance from Amanda Ramsaroop (green top) and Kiran Seusanker (grey) on the lawn just outside the Department of Behavioural Sciences building on the St Augustine Campus. On November 3, 2022, students from the PSYC 3003 Community and Environmental Psychology class spearheaded an initiative “aiming to raise awareness and advocacy on the symbolic, psychosocial, and environmental benefits of physical and social spaces”, according to Head of Department, Dr Talia Esnard. The event, hosted by the Psychology Unit of the Department of Behavioural Sciences, was attended by many faculty members and students. The organising committee was led by Ms Anmolsingh.