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“This is my Mother’s Day gift,”
some participants said
when they attended the MatheMagic Workshop at The
UWI School of Education on May 13, the day before
Mother’s Day. Nowwhere in the world do you hear teachers
going to study mathematics and considering it a treat for
Mother’s Day? It happened when 95 participants attended
the second workshop hosted by the Early Childhood
Caravan earlier this year. The Early Childhood Caravan is
a group of professionals dedicated to supporting children’s
development and learning through activities that promote
developmentally appropriate early childhood practices
throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The MatheMagic
workshop facilitated the study of current understandings
and strategies for teaching mathematics to young children.
Participants engaged in activities that introduced teaching
pre-algebra, statistics and geometry as well as numbers,
measurement and other topics to 3-8 year-old students.
The workshop accommodated both pre-school and
primary school teachers from across the country. In keeping
with high quality, early childhood practices, parents and
school administrators also attended. Participants shared
Early Childhood
B Y D R . S A B E E R A H A B D U L - M A J I E D
The Institute for Gender and Development
Studies (IGDS),
UWI St. Augustine Campus, is
partnering with the trinidad+tobago film festival
(ttff) and UN Women to present The Power of
Women in Film, on September 22, from 9am to
4pm, at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. The day of
panels and presentations will include speakers from
across the region who explore depictions of women
and girls and how film can be used to address issues
of violence against women, objectification, gender
inequality and female empowerment. Short films
will be incorporated into the programme to help
illustrate some of the issues being discussed. The
Power of Women in Film will be followed by three
days of feminist cinema, from September 22-24,
also at the Hyatt.
Sunday 24 Sept 8.30pm. María, a
17-year-old Mayan girl, dreams of going to the big
city. An indigenous woman, trapped by an imminent
arrangedmarriage, she has no opportunity to change
her destiny. Then, in a life- threatening twist, she is
forced to go to the city, at great cost.
their experiences and exchanged ideas for improving
mathematics teaching locally. Facilitators listened and took
notes even as they shared strategies that work.
The workshop opened with a feature explaining that
math is more than counting and numbers. For example,
the importance of providing opportunities for young
students to think logically, spot patterns and problem solve
was discussed. Teachers and parents were encouraged to
examine their own math biases, especially since to succeed,
children need knowledgeable teachers and adults who
believe that all children can learn. Participants got new hope
when they were introduced to brain research that explained
how the adult brain can be rewired to make new neural
connections and think new thoughts which could lead to
new math successes.
Participants left with certificates of participation,
handouts, and links to online resources. Guided by survey
responses, the Caravan’s science workshop is next. “Early
Science for 21st Century Success”, is planned for October
14, 2017 at The UWI School of Education.
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