July 2010

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Dr. Basil Reid, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, was recently appointed as Senior Representative for the Caribbean and Central America for the World Archaeology Congress (WAC).

is role is to promote the activities of WAC, encourage enthusiasts to become members of WAC, and actively encourage events in the region such as field schools, workshops, symposia, inter-congresses and scholarly research projects. Dr. Reid has either authored or edited a number of books such as Myths and Realities of Caribbean History, Archaeology, GIS and Cultural Resource Management in Trinidad, Archaeology and Geoinformatics: Case Studies from the Caribbean, and A Crime Solving Toolkit: Forensics in the Caribbean.

In 2005, he was Chairman of the 21st Congress of the International Association for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA), which was held for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago.

A recent review of the book, Archaeology and Geoinformatics, described it as “valuable for researchers considering incorporating geoinformatics into their archaeological study.” Overall, said reviewer, Derek Miller of the Anthropology Department of College of William and Mary, “it represents a significant contribution to the use of geoinformatics in archaeology, particularly in the Caribbean.”