Calendar of Events

UWI Calendar of Events - March 2021

March 16 @ 10am | Online @UWItv

UWI St Augustine Campus Council Meeting 2021

Tune in to the livestream of the Campus Council Meeting Open Session to see the annual presentation from Campus Principal Brian Copeland on UWI S Augustine’s accomplishments last year, and way forward in 2021. UWI Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles will give his remarks from the perspective of the entire university.

The open session will be livestreamed on UWItv at and Facebook at

March 22-24 | Online

Academic Advising and Mentoring in Higher Education: A Caribbean Context

To make informed choices, students need proper guidance. This three-day virtual seminar looks at the many questions related to academic advising and mentorship, and will be valuable to anyone interested in re-envisioning how they are provided.

Keynote speakers include Deputy Dean and Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dr Sandra Reid, and Director of the School of Education Professor Jerome De Lisle. Visit for more.

March 31 | Onlinetv

In Pursuit of Radical Educational Reform for Trinidad and Tobago

Has the time finally come for dramatic change in teaching and learning? This virtual symposium, hosted by the School of Education, will look at the possibilities for T&T’s educational reform and the policies to ensure greater equity and quality in the new system.

Participants include former Dducation Ministry CEO, Mr Harrilal Seecharan, School of Ed Director, Professor Jerome De Lisle, and Educational Leadership lecturers, Drs Freddy James and Rinnelle Lee-Piggott. To register, visit: