May - June 2008

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Campus Notes

Campus Principal Confirmed

The recommendations of the Vice Chancellor to appoint Deputy Principals for the three sister campuses were also approved. The St Augustine Campus will see the appointment of Professor Rhoda Reddock, in succession to Professor Gurmohan Kochhar who will continue as Professor in Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering. Professor Reddock is head of the Centre for Gender and Development Studies at St Augustine and is well known for her activism in the Women’s Movement in the Caribbean and beyond. At Cave Hill, Professor Eudine Barriteau, noted scholar of Gender Studies, received the nod as Deputy Principal, succeeding Professor Leo Moseley when he retires at the end of the academic year. For the Mona Campus, Mr Joseph Pereira will continue in the post of Deputy Principal. Photo (left) Professor Clement Sankat (right) Professor Rhoda Reddock.

The University Council, which is the supreme governing body has also approved the appointment of several senior managers. The newly established Open Campus, which incorporates the former outreach arms of the University, namely, the School of Continuing Studies, the Distance Education Centre and the Tertiary Level Institutions Unit, will be headed by Principal, Pro Vice Chancellor Hazel Simmons-McDonald. Professor Simmons-McDonald was formerly Dean of the Faulty of Humanities and Education at the Cave Hill Campus and has been working assiduously to bring the Open Campus to reality since her appointment as Pro Vice Chancellor for ‘Non-Campus Countries and Distance Education’ in succession to Professor Lawrence Carrington. Professor Simmons-McDonald will be assisted in the leadership of this new endeavour by Dr Vivienne Roberts in the position of Deputy Principal.

Examining the Caribbean Labour Market

In recognition of the Year of Sir Arthur Lewis, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted a distinguished lecture by Professor Andrew Downes, on Tuesday 13th May at the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). Professor Downes examined “Arthur Lewis and the Caribbean Labour Market Analysis”.

A distinguished Caribbean Scholar who is qualified to speak on this topic since labour and employment issues have occupied a substantial part of his professional life, Professor Downes has been Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies at the UWI Cave Hill Campus since 1994 and University Director since 2000. He holds a BSc. and MSc degrees in Economics from the UWI and a PhD from the University of Manchester. He is a recipient of several academic awards, including the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.

Sir Arthur Lewis is the only son of the Caribbean to be awarded a Nobel Prize in the field of Economics. He was also the first Vice Chancellor of a fully independent University of the West Indies. This lecture is the fourth in a series of Distinguished Lectures being organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the St Augustine Campus, in collaboration with the Department of Economics and the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, to commemorate the Year of Sir Arthur Lewis.

Usability Laboratory Launched

A modern Usability Laboratory was recently opened on May 9th at the Sir Frank Stockdale Building, Faculty of Science and Agriculture. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as the foremost usability resource in the Caribbean for promoting practices both within the public and private sectors. The Laboratory will provide usability testing facilities, resources and services including user-centered design and evaluation of ICT systems and industrial products. The Laboratory will also offer training in usability. Speakers at the launch including Prof. Clement Sankat, PVC & Campus Principal, UWI, St. Augustine, Prof. Dyer Narinesingh, Dean, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Dr. Shanaz Wahid, Head, Dept., Math & Computer Science and Dr. Alexander Nikov Lecturer, Dept., Math & Computer Science, spoke of the many benefits this lab will bring to stakeholders. Usability studies will be carried out on various types of products such as web-based and desktop interactive systems as well as on large and small hardware devices, including mobile technology. The Laboratory will help to develop cutting edge products by focusing on positive user-experiences.

For further information, please contact Ms. Indira Ousman at (868) 662-2002 Ext. 3903or Indira.

UWI Student Honord for Spider Research

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal a PhD student at the UWI Department of Life Sciences at St. Augustine was recently awarded the Vincent Roth Award from the American Arachnology Society. This is the third time she has received this award which sets an historic record for the society. This award is open to young arachnologists all over the world and supports research in the area of systematics. She was also awarded another post graduate scholarship for the 2nd year of her PhD research on orb-weaving spider families of Trinidad. A UWI graduate, she received Bachelor of Science and Mphil degrees in zoology. She decided to focus on the area of arachnology while pursuing a Master’s Degree, where she looked at spider behaviour and autecology. Sewlal’s goal is to document the spiders of the Eastern Caribbean; she has researched spider fauna found on several Caribbean islands including Nevis, Anguilla, Grenada, St. Maarten and St. Vincent.