Resilience like a Diamond

Mr Warren Anderson
President of the UWI St Augustine Guild of Students

It is fitting that our campus is celebrating its diamond jubilee during such a tumultuous time in world history. A diamond is the ultimate terrestrial symbol of endurance and, as the campus endured so too has the Guild of Students.

Diamonds need pressure, heat and time. Student society at St Augustine has provided a transformative pressure and heat like that from within the belly of the earth. From the oft referenced 1970’s Black Power Revolution to the Security Protest of 2018, the Guild stands on the forefront of social justice and human rights, leveraging our knowledge and passion to execute our duty to the citizenry. Our associations and clubs are the catalyst for well-rounded and cultured academics engaged in discourse and action towards a holistically developed and integrated Caribbean. Time has allowed us to advance the Guild into an organisation that has maintained our voice on domestic and global matters while making internal strategic strides in professionalism, sustainable advocacy, entrepreneurship, community engagement and governance excellence.

As Pelicans with diamond status, we are proud to be a part of the cutting-edge developments and laser-sharp focus that is the St Augustine Campus legacy. Shine on, Pelicans; see you at platinum.