October 2012

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Message from the Principal: What Sets Us Apart

Just yesterday, we bid adieu to the final graduating class of 2012. I am confident that our graduates will do well in their chosen careers, once they continue to have faith in themselves, to be humble and open to learning new things and bring the focus and discipline they have honed at UWI to whatever tasks they may face. This year, our graduates totaled 3,643: 2,710 at the undergraduate level and 933 at the post-graduate level. We were pleased to note a 6% increase in graduates at the postgraduate level and we conferred doctoral degrees on 22 PhD students, an unprecedented figure! As an institution that has traditionally distinguished itself in the area of research, the UWI St. Augustine Campus salutes all our young scholars and we encourage them to keep pushing the frontiers of inquiry, knowledge creation and knowledge transfer. Earlier this month, we showcased the outstanding research conducted by our student and staff researchers at a distinguished Research Awards Ceremony, in the presence of our Vice Chancellor of the regional University of the West Indies, our Honourable Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills Training, and the UWI St. Augustine Council Chairman.

Continuing to excel in the areas of research and teaching and learning are key strategic priorities for our Campus and at graduation time, we not only share in the celebration of our students and their families, but it also renews the commitment of all our staff to engage in the very highest levels of scholarly work and service to our country and region.

As Campus Principal, I have no doubt that this is what sets the UWI apart. It is exemplified best by those on whom our honorary doctorates are bestowed; leaders who have brought their intellect and character to bear on their chosen field and who stand out as exemplars. This year eight persons had this distinction conferred on them and each has made a stellar contribution to Trinidad and Tobago and the region: Mrs Maureen Manchouk, Mr Deokinanan Sharma, Mr Ronald Harford, Mr Alloy Lequay, Mr. Michael Mansoor, Fr Clyde Harvey, Mr Davan Maharaj and Mrs Therese Mills. I congratulate them!

I am extremely proud of all of our graduates and look forward to seeing them blaze new trails for the region, and distinguishing themselves in their respective fields as our honorary graduands have done.

Just this morning, we witnessed several athletes from around the world set out with a fervent competitive spirit to win the highly anticipated annual UWI SPEC International Half-Marathon. I am always inspired and awed by these athletes who push themselves to the limits of endurance through sheer willpower. It is another example of what can be achieved through dedication, perseverance and hard work. It is also a reminder that as the incidence of non-communicable diseases increases in the Caribbean and our population ages, we must also dedicate time for physical exercise, to challenge ourselves not only intellectually but physically. Health and wellness are the foundation of healthy families, a healthy workforce and healthy societies.

Pro Vice Chancellor & Principal


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