December 2018

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And that’s a wrap!

It was a year-long celebration of the 70th anniversary of The UWI, and it hits a grand finale on December 19 at the regional headquarters in Mona called, “Opening The UWI to the World: The Next 70 Years. All through The UWI territories, events were organized to mark the milestone and there were so many that on any given day it was possible to find something happening at the different spaces.

At St. Augustine there were several as well, too many to mention here, but we thought we should close this commemorative issue with a glimpse at our hallmark productions. One is the annual UWI FETE. This year’s Secret Garden continued the tradition established in 1991 of providing a wonderful occasion to truly launch the Carnival season while raising funds for The UWI Development and Endowment Fund which provides scholarship to undergraduate students. The next Fete, Champagne and Gold takes place on February 3, 2019, and you can attend and support our students while having a ball.

On a more formal note, a Black Tie dinner was hosted by the Human Resources Department to celebrate 70 years of beautiful people. Held at the University Inn and Conference Centre, it was an evening worth waiting decades for.