About Our Sponsor

Republic Bank Limited

Republic Bank Limited, the premier institution in Trinidad and Tobago, has evolved into one of the most diversified financial services groups in the Eastern Caribbean. Having served the people, business and governments of the Caribbean for over 170 years, the Bank has been engaged in making a difference in communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Our philanthropic programmes have focused on developing the skills, talent and intellectual prowess of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean archipelago.

Similarly, Republic Bank has recognised the inexorable drive within our nation’s youth to push boundaries and in the process redefine these boundaries. Moreover, the Bank has recognised that the nation’s youth will need assistance if their maturation process is to be holistic

In this vein, Republic Bank is pleased to collaborate once more with the University for the seventh consecutive year. Republic regards this programme as adding significant value towards developing the career potential of students who will be graduating in the relatively near future.

Along with its wide-ranging commercial activities, the Bank in empathy with societal needs launched the Power to Make a Difference Programme in 2003, which has committed $40 million to the alleviation of poverty; and youth development through education,; sport; and through entrepreneurship over a period of five years. Through our support of community outreach programmes, sport, culture, poverty alleviation, education and entrepreneurship, we have continued to collaborate with individuals and groups in the communities in which we operate to promote self-sufficiency, development and hope for the future.