UWI-IBM Internship

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an Internship Programme with IBM Research. Internships span ten weeks to ten months at IBM TJ Watson Research Headquarters facility in Yorktown Heights/Hawthorne, NY.

IBM TJ Watson Research Centre
IBM TJ Watson Research Centre

"An internship at IBM is much different from a summer job, it's an experience. Apart from the work-experience gained during the internship, interns can leave IBM as better-rounded individuals. They are encouraged to be innovative and to participate in development sessions for regular employees, which range from lecture series to project expositions. They are also encouraged to ask lots of questions and to participate in extra-curricular activities. Recreational activities at IBM include the lunch-time and after-work football leagues, tennis, volleyball and occasional fun/activity days.

The work-environment is very different from that found in a regular company. The work hours are very flexible and competition within the company is healthy. Workers are enthusiastic for opportunities to share their work, thoughts, and ideas with interns. The security and integrity of intellectual property, while of major importance to all parties involved, do not hinder the exchange or contribution of ideas when solving a common problem.

There is a sufficient level of enthusiasm and emphasis placed on intern projects that reaffirms the importance and relevance of their work. Interns are equipped with the same tools as regular employees to do their work and are treated just as equally. Though the actual work done by an intern may not directly affect the core business of IBM, the need for the work is made clear to the intern upfront. The responsibility of completing the task/project is then left up to the intern who can rely on his/her assigned mentor and/or manager for assistance if need be. IBM treats its interns as an investment." - Jevon Beckles, first UWI-IBM intern, 2008

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For further information see http://www.ibm.com/careers/ and http://domino.research.ibm.com/comm/research.nsf/pages/d.ee.html

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