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Health Services Unit [HSU]




Students can complete their Entrance Medical Form Online at one of the following venues:

  1. Civil Engineering Computer Lab
  2. Faculty of Social Science Computer Lab
  3. Health Services Unit

Campus map showing venues
Procedure to complete the Entrance Medical Form
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Every Wednesday 10am - 2pm
at Health Services Unit

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables on Sale
  • On-Site Diteitian Consultation
  • Meal Plans and more

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GLAUCOMA SCREENING - 11th & 25th October 2016 - View Details

Medical Examinations for Food Badge and Scholarship will be done on:

  • Friday Evenings 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Saturdays 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Certified FIRST AID, CPR, AED Training @ UWI Health Services Unit

Certification valid for 2 years
Two Day Programme

SPACES LIMITED. Download flyer for details

UWI Games
Acute Soft Tissue Injuries
Ebola In Perspective
Click here to read an article that best explains the Ebola Virus Disease and puts the virus and threat in perspective.
Ebola Virus Disease

The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) currently affecting four (4) African countries Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria currently poses no substantial risk to persons living in Trinidad and Tobago and to date there are no cases of individuals contracting the EVD in this country. The Health Services Unit (HSU) at the St. Augustine Campus is closely monitoring information about the virus through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and will endeavor to update the Campus community as the need arises.

Students and staff who are from any of the affected countries or who have travelled to those countries within the last 21 days should contact the Health Services Unit at the St. Augustine Campus with respect to fever surveillance. The HSU has created a protocol for the monitoring of fever and all staff and students who have travelled to these affected areas recently or who have come in contact with persons who have travelled to these areas should familiarize themselves with this protocol.


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Chikungunya Virus Alert

The Chikungunya virus has been detected in Trinidad. Educate yourself on its symptoms and what to do if contracted.


Stress Relieving Tips
Semester exams are fast approaching and we all know there is still a lot to cram before the end of the semester. Whether you are a staff member, student or both there suddenly seems to be an endless amount of things to get done each day. Take a read of this document which provides simple measures you may employ to reduce your level of stress.
National Alcohol Screening Day

The April 5th is National Alcohol Screening Day. From Carnival  to Summer break, pressure to drink in University is common. While many students believe binge drinking is harmless, the effects can be powerful from exasperating mood disorders to increasing risky behavior.

Get a handle on your alcohol use by taking an anonymous screening at

Thank you for your participation.

Alcohol Policy
Important information on Gastro-Enteritis & Diarrhoea

Further Information

The Health Service Unit is an ambulatory health facility, which provides free screening and evaluation by nurses and examinations by general practice physicians as well as specific health promotion activities. The Health Service Unit functions as a walk-in clinicand pharmacy. This means you are seen on a first come, first serve basis. When you walk into the front desk area, provide your validated student identification card to the clerk. If it is your first visit to the Health Service Unit, a chart would be made for you. (Faculty, University Administration and parents do not have access to your confidential medical records. Medical information is only released with your written consent.)

From the waiting room a clinic nurse will call you in. Your blood pressure, temperature, height, weight and urine will be noted in your chart and the nurse will ask you the reason for your visit. At this point the nurse may either handle your problem in the clinic area or ask you to sit and wait to see the medical doctor.

All full time registered students have access to the Student Health Plan and you should ensure that your claim form is properly signed and returned to you at the end of your visit. (If you are experiencing problems, the clerk will assist you in completing your form.)

The Health Service Unit does not provide laboratory, x-ray or dental services. Students requiring specialist care are referred to one of our two preferred private medical facilities in the nearby vicinity.


The Health Service Unit is located 50 metres North of Trinity Hall or on the road bending southeast from the administration offices and towards Trinity Hall. This road would take you past the Student Advisory Services.

Important Documents

Medical Certificate / Report for exemption from Coursework and Final Examinations