Latin American and Caribbean Collaborative ICT Research (LACCIR) Federation is a virtual institute created in 2007 as a response to a Microsoft research’s interests in providing Latin American and Caribbean Universities with a sustainable virtual collaborative environment to promote cross-country research and education solutions. The primary goal of the LACCIR Federation is to encourage academic collaborative research in ICT as an enabler of economic and social development. Its goals are to:

  1. Advance the ICT research agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean (L.A.C.) and increase research opportunities for faculty and graduate students.
  2. Increase the skills and visibility of the L.A.C. research community, both within its geography and worldwide.
  3. Offer research resources and collaboration opportunities throughout the L.A.C. region.
  4. Partner with other organizations in the region that support the growth of research capability and capacity in the L.A.C. region.

LACCIR Federation’s structure is designed as a “Hub and Spokes” infrastructure with Chile acting as the managing agent for the Hub and various prime quality universities in Latin America and the Caribbean acting as the spokes.

In Chile, the Hub is managed by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC-Chile) and Universidad de Chile, through an executive committee that includes members from both Universities and a Microsoft Chile representative. Management offices are located within the Department of Computer Science at PUC-Chile.

UWI involvement in LACCIR

UWI joined LACCIR as a spoke on July 1 2009. As a LACCIR spoke, UWI has agreed to, inter alia:

  • lead collaborative research in ICT
  • submit proposals for LACCIR RFPs
  • supervise thesis defenses for partner LACCIR institutions
  • develop joint courses or share courses
  • promote regional collaborative research
  • report and disseminate research results
  • identify new research resources.

The UWI LACCIR representatives are Dr. Margaret Bernard of the Department of Computing and Information Technology and Dr. Kim Mallalieu of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

UWI has hosted two LACCIR meetings, an introductory visit in April 2009 and an annual Advisory Board Coordination meeting in January 2010. The latter was an opportunity for LACCIR Spoke representatives to review action items from the past year, brain storm matters relating to innovation, plan future activities, consolidate collaboration and strengthen ties among participating institutions.


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