UWI-Lucent MSc Cooperative Programme

The UWI-Lucent MSc Cooperative Programme was established in 1998 between The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UWI, and the Wireless Networks Group, Lucent Technologies. The programme served five cohorts of students and was hugely successful.


  • To stimulate regional research, development and entrepreneurial activities in the joint area of information technology and telecommunications and also in its enabling technologies
  • To broaden employment opportunities available to graduates of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


  • To energize the departmental MSc programmes through the participation of top-class candidates with industrial experience in a vibrant, front-line communications company
  • To motivate graduates to pursue postgraduate study
  • To grow a critical mass of skilled human resources in the joint area of information technology and telecommunications, and its enabling technologies, to service the region's increasing needs.

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