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January 13th 2015



NASA I2 seeks to facilitate a structured educational exchange among NASA's science and engineering workforce, U.S. interns and visiting university students from abroad, including Trinidad and tobago.

Research areas:

  1. Advanced Life Support
  2. Upgrading a Space Debris Simulation Software for Planetary Defense Assessments
  3. Elucidating Skeletal Responses to the Spaceflight Environment
  4. Metabolic Control for Adaptation to Spaceflight Environment
  5. Developing Underwater systems using CubeSat-Related Technologies
  6. Nano-Biosensor Development
  7. Data Mining and Analysis for Sustainability Base
  8. Nanotechnology in Electronics and Sensor Development
  9. Detecting Human Automation Interaction Errors in Safety-Critical Systems
  10. Electronics Prognostics: Application to Capacitors
  11. Power Electronics Prognostics

Click here for more details on the application criteria and procedure.

Deadline: FEBRUARY 19th 2015


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