Electrical and Computer Engineering Staff

The staff of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering carry various portfolios to support its teaching, research and innovation activities. These include academic staff (professors, senior lecturers and lectures), teaching support staff (instructors, laboratory staff, development engineers and graduate assistants), research and innovation support staff (research assistants and development engineers) and administrative staff. Honorary consultants engage with the Department as a means of industrial linkage and outreach.



Stephan J.G. Gift, BSc (Eng), PhD (UWI), FAPETT, SMIEEE, MCAS
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Leader of Electronics Systems Group and Leader of Control Systems Group
Areas of Specialization: Electronics and Control Systems
Room #: 327
Ext: 83155
E-mail: Stephan.Gift@sta.uwi.edu

Chandrabhan Sharma, BSc, MSc (Eng), PhD (UWI), MIEEE, MAPETT, SenMemISA, MAWEA
Leader of Energy Systems Group
Areas of Specialization: Industrial & Commercial Power Systems; Energy Systems and Power Systems Protection
Room #: 216
Ext: 83141
E-mail: Chandrabhan.Sharma@sta.uwi.edu

St. Clair A. King, BSc, MSc (MIT) (Eng), PhD (Glas)
Professor Emeritus
Areas of Specialization: Electrical Circuits and Control Systems
Room #: 222
Ext: 82062
E-mail: St.Clair.King@sta.uwi.edu

Kenneth Stephen Julien, CMT, BSc (Hons) (Nott), PhD (UBC), FIEEE, FIEE
Professor Emeritus
Area of Specialization: Energy Systems


Senior Lecturers

Ajay Joshi, PhD, DFT, Member IEEE
Leader of Computer Systems Engineering Group
Area of Specialization: Computer Systems
Room #: 325
Ext: 83144
E-mail: Ajay.Joshi@sta.uwi.edu

Kim Mallalieu, BSEE (MIT), MSc (Rochester), PhD (Lond), MSPIE, MAPETT
Leader of Communications Group
Areas of Specialization: Communications and Optics
Room #: 322
Ext: 83191
E-mail: Kim.Mallalieu@sta.uwi.edu



Richelle Adams, BSc, MSc (UWI/Lucent), PhD (Georgia Tech)
Area of Specialization: Communication Systems
Room #: 343
Ext: 83920
E-mail: Richelle.Adams@sta.uwi.edu

Sanjay Bahadoorsingh, BSc (UWI), PhD (UOM)
Areas of Specialization: Energy Systems and Electrical Power Engineering
Room #: 320
Ext: 83142
E-mail: Sanjay.Bahadoorsingh@sta.uwi.edu

Ronald De Four, BSc, MPhil, PhD (Eng) (UWI), MIEEE
Area of Specialization: Electronics and Power Systems
Room #: 330
Ext: 82514/2677
E-mail: Ronald.Defour@sta.uwi.edu

Fasil Muddeen, BSc, MSc, PhD (Eng) (UWI)
Head of Department
Area of Specialization:Digital Design and Electronic Instrumentation
Room #: 326
Ext: 83151
E-mail: Fasil.Muddeen@sta.uwi.edu

Akash Pooransingh, BSc (Eng) (Hons), MSc (Eng) (Distinction) (UWI), PhD (UWI)
Areas of Specialization: Image Processing; Communications and Computer Systems
Room #: 321
Ext: 82636
E-mail: Akash.Pooransingh@sta.uwi.edu

Cathy-Ann Radix, BSc (Eng) (UWI), PhD (Plymouth)
Areas of Specialization: Computer Engineering and Electronics
Room #: 321
Ext: 83157
E-mail: CathyAnn.Radix@sta.uwi.edu

Tricia Ragoobar-Prescod, BSc (Eng) (UWI), MSc (Communications Technology and Policy) (Strathclyde), PhD (Next-Generation Networks) (Strathclyde), MIEEE
Area of Specialization: Communication Systems
Room #: 320
Ext: 83147
E-mail: Tricia.Ragoobar-Prescod@sta.uwi.edu

Sean Rocke, BSc (Eng) (UWI), MCM (Operational Communications)(Coventry), PhD (WPI), MIEEE, MACM
Area of Specialization: Communication Systems
Room #: 311
Ext: 825468
E-mail: Sean.Rocke@sta.uwi.edu

Musti Sastry, BTech, MTech, PhD (India)
Area of Specialization: Computer Energy Systems
Room #: 328
Ext: 83159
E-mail: Musti.Sastry@sta.uwi.edu

Arvind Singh, B.Sc (UWI) M.A.Sc. & Ph.D. (UBC)
Areas of Specialization: Energy Systems; Transient simulation of power systems; Smart Grid;  Condition based monitoring of power transformers; Complex Interdependent Systems Analysis and Technology in Culture (particularly music and language)
Room #: 345 
Ext: 85467
E-mail: arvind.singh@sta.uwi.edu


Assistant Lecturers

Marcus Ganness
Areas of Specialization:Control Systems
Room #:
Ext: 83140
E-mail: Marcus.Ganness@sta.uwi.edu

Craig Ramlal, BSc., MASc (UWI), MIEEE
Area of Specialization: Control Systems
Room #:
Ext: 82462
E-mail: Craig.Ramlal@sta.uwi.edu



Crista Mohammed, BA (Hons), Dip. Ed. (Distinction)(UWI), MATC (Distinction)(SHU)
Area of Specialization: Technical Communication
Room #:
Ext: 83160
E-mail: Crista.Mohammed@sta.uwi.edu

Azim Abdool, BSc.(Hons.) (UWI)
E-mail: Azim.Abdool@sta.uwi.edu

Andrew Balgobin, BSc.(Hons.) (UWI)
E-mail: Andrew.Balgobin@sta.uwi.edu

Crystal Blackwell, BSc.(Hons.) (UWI)
Room #: 107, Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratory
Ext: 83070
E-mail: Crystal.Blackwell@sta.uwi.edu

Marcus George, BSc (UWI), CFM (SBCS), MPhil (UWI), MIACSIT
E-mail: Marcus.George@sta.uwi.edu

Itanie Gordon, BSc (Electronics) (UWI Mona), MPhil (UWI Mona)
Ext: 83164/83192
E-mail: Itanie.Gordon@sta.uwi.edu

Aniel Maharajh, BSc (Eng) (UWI)
E-mail: Aniel.Maharajh@sta.uwi.edu


Teaching Assistants

Sterling Ramroach

Manoj Kollam


Research/Graduate Assistants

Isa Dookie, BSc (UWI), BA (UQU)
Research Assistant
E-mail: Isa.Dookie@sta.uwi.edu

Luke Pena


Development Engineers

Kevon Andrews, BSc.(Hons.) MSc.(Dist.) (UWI)
Development Engineer II
Room #: 240
Ext: 83758
E-mail: Kevon.Andrews@sta.uwi.edu

Ravi Deonarine, BSc.(Hons.) (UWI), MASc. (UWI)
Development Engineer II
Room #: 311
Ext: 82638
E-mail: Ravi.Deonarine@sta.uwi.edu


Contract Officers

Mrs. Juliet Romeo-Joseph, B.Sc.(Hons)
Engineering Practice Coordinator
Room #: 329
Ext: 82166
E-mail: Juliet.Romeo@sta.uwi.edu

Daniel Goitia, B.Sc. (Eng) (UWI)
Contract Officer
Room #: 240
Ext: 83758
E-mail: Daniel.Goitia@sta.uwi.edu


Laboratory Staff

Ramcharan Pustam
Chief Engineering Technician
Lab: Electrical and Computer
Ext: 83492
E-mail: Ramcharan.Pustam@sta.uwi.edu

Marcel Byron, BSc.(Hons.) MSc. (UWI)
Chief Research Technician
Lab: Post Graduate / Pan Research
Ext: 83603
E-mail: Marcel.Byron@sta.uwi.edu

Sakaldip Boodoo
Engineering Technician 2
Lab: Energy Systems
Ext: 82676
E-mail: Sakaldip.Boodoo@sta.uwi.edu

Kenrick Hall
PC Network Support Technician
Lab: Microprocessor
Ext: 83152
E-mail: Kenrick.Hall@sta.uwi.edu

Lawrence Hutchinson
Lab Technician 1
Lab: Year One
Ext: 83161
E-mail: Lawrence.Hutchinson@sta.uwi.edu

Lucia Cabrera Jones, BSc. MSc.(ISPJAE)
Engineering Technician 1
Lab: Control Systems
Ext: 83193
E-mail: Lucia.Jones@sta.uwi.edu

Judea Laban
Engineering Technician 1
Lab: Service Room
Ext: 83145
E-mail: Judea.Laban@sta.uwi.edu

Josann McIntosh-Abdool
Engineering Technician 1
Lab: Electronics Systems
Ext: 83164
E-mail: Josann.Mcintosh@sta.uwi.edu

Jeevan Persad, BSc.(Hons.) (UWI)
Senior Engineering Technician
Lab: Post Graduate / Pan Research
Ext: 83603
E-mail: Jeevan.Persad@sta.uwi.edu

Tariq Wadi, BSc.(Hons.)(UWI)
Lab Technician 1
Lab: Power Electronics
Ext: 83608
E-mail: Tariq.Wadi@sta.uwi.edu

Nkosi Ward, BSc.(Hons.)(UWI)
Engineering Technician 1
Lab: Shared Computer
Ext: 83043
E-mail: Nkosi.Ward@sta.uwi.edu

Brian Small
Storekeeper 2
Lab: Electrical Stores
Ext: 83607
E-mail: Brian.Small@sta.uwi.edu

Steve Toolsie
Lab Assistant 1
Lab: Energy Systems
Ext: 82676
E-mail: Steve.Toolsie@sta.uwi.edu

Jewan Ramkissoon
Laboratory Assistant II
Lab: Energy Systems
Ext: 83491
E-mail: Jewan.Ramkissoon@sta.uwi.edu

Ravi Rampersad, BSc (Eng) (UWI)
Engineering Technican
Lab: Power Electronics
Ext: 83608
E-mail: Jewan.Ramkissoon@sta.uwi.edu


Mikail George
E-mail: Mikail.George@sta.uwi.edu

Administrative Staff

Camille Renaud, MA (UWI)
Senior Administrative Assistant
Room #: 312
Ext: 82083/83153
E-mail: Camille.Renaud@sta.uwi.edu

Antwinnette Williams, BBA (UNB)
Room #: 333
Ext: 82166
E-mail: Antwinnette.Williams@sta.uwi.edu

Precious Clement, BSc (UWI)
Room #: 333
Ext: 83184
E-mail: Precious.Clement@sta.uwi.edu

Renelle Martin
Clerical Assistant
E-mail: Renelle.Martin@sta.uwi.edu


Honorary Consultants

Honorary consultants are industry experts who provide insight into local industry and participate in curriculum review. They serve to enhance the local and regional relevance of the department's academic programmes and research.

Kurleigh Prescod
Group: Communications Systems
Portfolio: Vice President Network Services Souther Caribbean, Columbus Communications Inc.

Colin Darmanie
Group: Computer Systems Engineering
Portfolio: Services Architect, Fujitsu Caribbean

Indarjit Singh
Group: Kelvin Ramsook
Portfolio: General Manager, T&TEC

Ramesh Harrylal
Group: Control Systems
Portfolio: Superintendent: Instrumentation and Electrical, Phoenix Park Gas Processors

Linus Rogers
Group: Electronics Systems
Portfolio: Vice President Regulatory and Asset Rationalization, TSTT




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