Welcome to the Students' area of the ECNG Department's website. On this site you will find a variety of resources related to, and of relevance to, our student community. For example here we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our top student performers and feature our student representatives for each year.

The Students' area hosts information that is of professional relevance, such as relate to the Student Branch of the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the IEEE Student Branch. It also hosts information about social and fun activities in the Department. For instance, you can learn about the Engineering Posse, a steel pan side born and raised in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

A centre point of the Student Area is the Online Student Centre which is accessible to all students of the Department. This area hosts resources relevant to the holistic development of our students. Of central importance is a rich portfolio of resources relating to academic integrity. Other important resources relate to communication and critical analysis skills development as well as the development of learning skills. Links are provided to a variety of scholarship, internship and employment opportunities; to information about accessing conference grants and to the Campus' myeLearning portal.