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PROGRAMME TITLE: The Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

AWARD:   Bachelor’s of Technology Degree

ACADEMIC UNIT(S) THAT WILL OFFER PROGRAMME:  Dean’s Office, Faculty of Engineering , UWI St Augustine, T&T

DELIVERY MODE: Classroom (face to face), distance learning may be considered in the future.


DURATION OF PROGRAMME:  4 Years, Part time/ Evening/ 3 Semesters Per academic year (includes Internship, Research Project, other)

START DATE:  September, 2017

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering Degree offered on a part time basis (afternoon and weekends delivery only) is aimed at students who hold a recognised Technician’s Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and have the potential and motivation to become engineering technologists but are unable to commit to full-time study. The programme comprises 76 credits of new learning.  Students will be provided with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently develop, manage, operate and maintain complex engineering processes and systems. 

The demand for engineering technologists is increasing in Trinidad and Tobago.  Currently there are three technical schools under The University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) that produce technicians with ‘National Technician Diploma (NTD)’ and there are abundant employment opportunities for these technicians with the local utilities and process industries.  However, these technicians need to be trained further to advance their a) academic skills b) professional skills c) administrative skills to ensure upward progression in their career paths.  Evidence shows that an increasing number of technicians, who are on full time employment are seeking further educational studies.  The proposed Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering Degree is aimed at addressing this need.

Entry Requirements of the Technology Programmes

Two important conditions are to be met to be admitted into B. Tech Mechanical Engineering:
  1. Successful Completion of National Technician Diploma (NTD/ NETD) or any other technician diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The Diploma Programme should be of 2 year duration with a minimum of 90 credits.
  2. Two (2) to Three (3) years of work experience.
It should be noted that Non-NTD students, foreign students may have to clear an entrance examination before being considered for entry.