West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 23: Number 1-July 2000



Towards the Development of an Optimal Long-Tarm Structure and Policy for the Development of Trinidad and Tobago's Petrochemical Industry.Part II. The Olefin-based Complex - H.I. Furlonge and A. Young Hoon. Abstract | View PDF

Ceramic Properties of Mud Volcanoes Effuelent - J.C. Knight, D.L. White and N. Deosaran. Abstract | View PDF

A High Quality Mixer Circuit - S.J.G. Gift and B. Copeland. Abstract | View PDF

Production of Alpha Amylase from  Bacillus subtilis: Effects of Enzyme Hydrolysis on Starches - V. Doodnath, G.S.H. Baccus-Taylor, N. Badrie and W.A. Mellowes.
Abstract | View PDF