West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 24: Number 1-July 2001


Guest Editorial

Towards the Development of an Optimal Long-Term Structure and Policy  for the Development of Trinidad and Tobago's Petrochemical Industry Part II: The Olefin-Based Complex - H.I. Furlonge and A. Young Hoon. Abstract | View PDF

The Development of an Automated Watershed Management - G. Forde, J. Opadeyi and F. Gumbs. Abstract | View PDF

On the Swing  of a Cricket Ball - K. Da Silva andG.S. Shrivastava. Abstract | View PDF

Slump Test  as an Indirect Indicator of the Characteristic Strength of Laterised Concrete - F. Falade and G.L. Oyekan. Abstract | View PDF

A Methodology for Evaluating Physical System Performance using Digital Technique - M.s. Alam, M.A. Aleem, K.K.Islam and M.A. Hoque. Abstract | View PDF