West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 25: Number 2-January 2003



Poultry Farm Buildings in Trinidad:  Present and Future Prospects - E.I. Ekwue, M. Gray & A. Brown. Abstract | View PDF

Transporting Natural Gas Around the Caribbean - M. Kromah, S. Thomas & R.A. Dawe.
Abstract | View PDF

A Software-Based Tool for the Reliability Evaluation of a Utility's Generation Capability - C. Abstract | View PDF

Building on Expansive Clays with Special Reference to Trinidad - K. Venkataramana.
Abstract | View PDF

Invited Theme Papers

The Guide to Writing and Publishing Research Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals - S.M.J. Baban & C.K. Sankat. Abstract | View PDF

Taming of Floods in Trinidad - G.S. Shrivastava. Abstract | View PDF

Preservation of the Environment - R.D. Paryag. Abstract | View PDF