West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 26: Number 2-January 2004



Dutch Disease and Deja Vu: Policy Advice for the Trinidad and Tobago Economy in the Wake of a Second Oil Boom - R. Hosein and B. Tewarie. Abstract | View PDF

Attaining A Balance Between Environmental Protection And Sustainable Development In The Caribbean Using Geoinformatics - S.M.J. Baban. Abstract | View PDF

The Operational Conveyor and its Application in a Novel Band-pass Filter - S.J.G. Gift . Abstract | View PDF

Sustaining Performance Improvement in the Poultry Industry in Trinidad and Tobago:  A Decision Support Paradigm - A. Hosein and K.F. Pun. Abstract | View PDF

Invited Theme Paper: Accreditation and Mutual Recognition of Engineering Qualifications in CARICOM - C.A.C. Imbert and T.M. Lewis. Abstract | View PDF