West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 28: Number 1-July 2005



Refocusing Engineering Curricula in Developing Countries for Endogenous Technology Development and Entrepreneurship - O.A.T. Mafe. Abstract | View PDF

The Economics of the Construction Sector of Trinidad and Tobago - T.M. Lewis.
Abstract | View PDF

Nano-technology Advances Around the World and Its Relevance to the CARICOM Region -
K. Ramesh and W.G. Lewis. Abstract | View PDF

The Influence of Silicon Content and Matrix Structure on the Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Alloys - A. Oyetunji and K.K. Alaneme. Abstract | View PDF

A New Concept of Virtual Cellular Manufacturing - B.V. Chowdary, J. Slomp and N.C. Suresh. Abstract | View PDF

Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Wood by Means of a Water-activated, Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus - K. Manohar, G.S. Kochhar, D. Ramlakhan and S.C. Haldar.
Abstract | View PDF

Viscous and Permeability Effects on Miscible Displacement in Heterogeneous Porous Media - R.A. Dawe and J. Marcelle-De Silva. Abstract | View PDF

Osmotic Dehydration and Microwave-Drying of Guava Fruit Part 1: Optimisation of Osmotic Dehydration - S. Geyer, P.S. Sunjka and G.S.V. Raghavan. Abstract | View PDF