West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 28: Number 2-January 2006



Foamy Oil Production in Trinidad - J.A. Babwah, R.A. Dawe and W. Mellowes.
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Science, Technology and Innovation in Caribbean Countries:  Performance Indicators of a Generic Model - C.K. Sankat, K.F. Pun and C.B. Motilal. Abstract | View PDF

Engineering Properties of Major Soils Used in Cricket Pitches in Trinidad - E.I. Ekwue, D.Z. Lall and R.J. Stone. Abstract | View PDF

Osmotic Dehydration and Microwave-Drying of Guava Fruit Part 2: Microwave-Convective and Microwave-Vacuum-Drying - S. Geyer, P.S. Sunjka and G.S.V. Raghavan.
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The Environmental Significance of Some Microscopic Organisms Around Nevis, West Indies - B. Wilson. Abstract | View PDF

Dynamic Response of Footing Resting on a Layered Soil System - D.K. Baidya and A. Mandal. Abstract | View PDF

Experimental Investigation of the Performance of a Design Model for Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems - M.A. Akintunde, C.A. Adegoke and O.P. Fapetu. Abstract | View PDF

13th World Conference in Earthquake Engineering 2004 – Caribbean Implications and Recommendations - R.P. Clarke . Abstract | View PDF