West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

Archived Issue

Volume 29: Number 1 - July 2006



Design of Virtual Manufacturing Cells:  An Integred Approach - P. Praveen, B.V. Chowdary and S.G. Deshmukh. Abstract | View PDF

Utilizing Emerging Geo-Imaging Technologies for the Management of Tropical Coastal Environments - R. Al-Tahir, S.M.J. Baban and B. Ramlal. Abstract | View PDF

Analytical Solutions Applied to Laminar and Turbulent Free Convection Boundary Layers on a Vertical Heated Plate – Comparison with Experimental Measurements - M.A. Mehrabian. Abstract | View PDF

Mapping Critical Slopes to Landslide Occurrence in a Tropical Environment Using Geographic Information Science:  Examining the Case of Tobago - S.M.J. Baban and K. Sant. Abstract | View PDF

Policy Imperatives for International Trade in Construction Services in the Caribbean Community - T.M. Lewis and C.A.C. Imbert. Abstract | View PDF

Application of High Electric Field (HEF) in Drying:  A Review - T.R. Bajgai, M.O. Ngadi, G.S.V. Raghavan and F. Hashinaga. Abstract | View PDF

Effect of Processing Conditions on Yield, Physical and Chemical Properties of Shea Butter - J. Akingbala, F. Falade, E. Adebesi, I. Lambert and G. Baccus-Taylor. Abstract | View PDF

Performance Parameters Optimization of Power Mixed Electric Discharge Machining (PMEDM) by Taguchi Method - H.K. Kansai, S. Singh and P. Kumar. Abstract | View PDF