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Knowing other languages broadens your vision and brings opportunities! The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at The UWI, St. Augustine provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in French and Spanish, with programmes in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Caribbean French Creole and Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language. Our programmes and courses combine first-class language skills with an imaginative range of literature and culture courses, taught in a lively, interactive and friendly atmosphere. 

Teaching and Learning

In Modern Languages, we plan each course meticulously and we constantly review and refresh our courses in our goal of imparting the best classroom language and literature experience to you. We aim to spark your intellect, improve your competence in a foreign language and impart awareness of and cultural sensitivity to various countries in an increasingly internationalised labour market.

Take a look at our languages and their diverse programmes of study to learn more: French, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Spanish.

All BA French and BA Spanish students, and those minoring in Brazilian Studies are strongly encouraged to read for a Minor in Linguistics, where possible. This is important for those interested in knowing more about the history, structure and usage of Romance languages and their relationships to each other. Linguistics is of special importance for those envisaging teaching French, Portuguese or Spanish, or teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) overseas (for example, in Colombia or France - see our Study and Work Abroad information page). Those interested in making a career teaching English to non-native speakers are encouraged to do the Diploma and Master's in TESOL.


All of our lecturers are actively engaged in research in language, literature and culture. We have an impressive and wide-ranging research profile among our staff, many of whom teach on their areas of research and expertise. In addition, our postgraduate students are engaged in many areas of research relevant to the Caribbean and the wider region. Spotlight on Modern Languages and Linguistics aims to highlight the wealth of research work carried out in our Department. We follow this vibrant team of dedicated staff through their insightful comments on teaching and research in Modern Languages and Linguistics in the Caribbean.

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