Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D. The University of the West Indies


Jerome Teelucksingh

Dr. Teelucksingh focuses on the history of Afro-Caribbean activists and intellectuals, on Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in North America; on Pan-Africanism; on race, gender, and ethnic relations in the Caribbean; as well as labour history and the impact of Carnival and Calypso on Trinidad and Tobago’s society. He teaches courses such as “The Caribbean World to 1660,” “Continuity and Change in 19th century Europe,” “The Foundations of the Americas,“ and “Conflict and Integration in Europe.” His books include The Cost of Freedom: The Struggles of the Caribbean Working Class, 1894-1950 and Lost Gospel: Christianity and Blacks in North America (2010). He is currently researching trade unionism and party politics in Trinidad and Tobago, and organising an international conference commemorating the Black Power Movement in the Caribbean and its worldwide connections.